División Flowers

Carnation Middle

Carnation Middle

Ancho: 6+/1.0 cms  –  2.36 +/_ 0.4 inches

Alto: 4.5+/1.0 cms  – 1.77 +/_ 0.4 inches


A world of possibilities

Preserved flowers gives a touch of elegance and good taste to any indoor environment. With a wide variety of colors that adapt to a myriad of possibilities. From making a special moment with a single flower, to accompany the most special memorable moments with floral arrangements of striking importance.

Natural origin

Flowers preserved in Eternity Perfect Flowers are grown with the highest standards of quality in the fields of Colombia. To preserve its appearance 100% natural beauty, stability of color, texture, and freshness, it is preserved through process of high technology and products of first rate quality. This achieves a producto non-toxic and biodegradable.

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